Top 5 Elephant Videos - World Elephant Day

Aug 12 2016

Watch our top 5 elephant videos in honour of world elephant day today :)


1. Probobaly the cutest thing you'll watch today:

Watch this awesome heart warming moment of a playful and inquisitive young elephant chasing birds back and forth. 


2. When this elephant collapsed in the middle of the road, the herd was there to the rescue! 

 It's amazing to see how elephants can portray so many human like qualities especially when it comes to lending a helping hand and a lot of much needed motivation.


3. This guide definitely kept his cool...

A person certainly needs nerves of steel when getting sniffed out by this large elephant - would you hold it together?


4. This just teaches you to never mess with an mother elephant! 

A female elephant always means business when it comes to protecting her little one. These wild dogs got all the warning they needed not to mess with mom...




5. Even though elephants can be peaceful, they can get EXTREMELY aggresive! 

Watching the true power of what an angry elephant can do certainly reminds you never to get too up close and personnel.




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