What Happens When A Black Rhino is Stuck in Mud and Lions are Around

Mar 16 2016


This is the incredibly tense moment a pregnant rhino almost became dinner for three hungry lions after she got stuck in a watering hole.




The black rhino was spotted drinking from the watering hole, when she lost her footing and fell in.

Heavily pregnant, the rhino struggled to pull herself up onto the bank, sliding back into the water on almost every attempt.




Spotting the rhino’s predicament, three hungry lions almost licked their lips at the thought of an easy lunch and began to circle the vulnerable rhino.

Determined to save herself and the life of her unborn, the brave rhino can be seen finally mustering the strength to pull herself up onto the bank.

But the moment she does one of the lions jumps onto her back and attempts to sink its teeth in. 

Luckily the rhino managed to shake off the hungry lion and escape unharmed.





British tourist David Wederell, 31, was lucky enough to watch the drama unfold while on a guided safari tour.

David from Essex managed to film the rare encounter on camera said it was incredibly tense to watch.

He said: “We had driven to various watering holes to try our luck of further sightings and it was whilst we were at our final stop of the evening safari the black Rhino came out of the bush and ventured to the watering hole for a drink. 

“It was a very peaceful end of the day until of course it dramatically changed when she unexpectedly lost her footing and slipped and fell in.

“We were about 150 feet from the Rhino, the Lions that became attracted to the commotion and noise of the Rhino actually came from behind our truck so were extremely close as they passed by.

“I started filming to capture the Rhino in the watering hole, expecting her to eventually climb out. 

“Of course there was no way I knew what was going to happen next with the three lions, it was just by chance I still was recording at the time.

“The rhino tried to pull herself out of the watering hole but could not get her footing. We could see she was becoming physically exhausted and the sounds of her heavy breathing were loud and clear from our viewpoint. 

“It was as a result of this and the noise of the water splashing that caught the attention of three young male lions. 


“From behind our truck they came to the watering hole to investigate and quickly saw the rhino in the water. 

“Very quickly they surrounded her at the waters edge but you could see they weren't sure quite how to take down the Rhino for their dinner.

“Just as an opportunity presented itself for one of the lions to get onto the rhino's back, most likely out of panic and determination the Rhino finally found her footing and managed to pull herself out of the water. 


She then chased off the three lions, finishing with a charge before turning her back and trotting off back into the bush to live for another day.

“There was a real sense of excitement and awe of what was happening and a real mixture of emotions. 

“I definitely wanted the Rhino to escape, especially so with their endangered status and she was also pregnant so it would have been very sad if she was killed but on the other hand, to see first hand three lions take down an animal like that would have been quite spectacular. 

“Ultimately we got a great viewing of what life is truly like in the animal kingdom and there was a huge sense of relief when she finally escaped.”




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