Baby Buck & Baby Croc Tug of War

Oct 13 2016

Watch the heart-wrenching moment a baby impala and baby crocodile battle it out together. The winner? It may surprise you




This was captured on film by 57 year old, Security Installer, Roger Pedro while at Gerdenia Hide on the S119. As soon as Roger got home he submitted the video to the Latest Sightings Partner Program



“This was the first time I had experienced seeing this sighting.


I was at Gardenia Hide, my favourite waterhole to go to for breakfast.




It Suddenly caught my attention that a crocodile had silently snuck up on a buck going for a drink. I soon noticed that it was a baby impala and a baby crocodile.



It was quite exciting! At first, watching the events unfold, I wanted the croc to make the kill, but after a while I began to gain sympathy for the poor buck and really hoped that it could get away. It was so close at some points.



After an incredibly long struggle the crocodile lost its grip on the buck and it seemed as if the crocodile gave up. The impala needed a bit of a break, so it stayed in the water. While the baby was taking a break, terrapins starting biting and chewing on the sore wounds that the crocodile caused. So it seemed as if the only winners of this interaction were the terrapins.



After returning the next morning to check up on events there was no sign of the impala or any remains of evidence in sight so on can only hope there was a happy ending.”








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