Wild Dogs Chase Impala Lamb Into Vehicle

Jun 6 2017

26 year old Marc Cronje, a Nature Field freelance field guide working in Kruger for the last 4 years, had a bizarre experience just outside Paul Kruger Gate last week.

Marc was only just setting off on a relaxing afternoon game drive when the following event unfolded

Marc explained the story to LatestSightings.com: “We had heard that a pack of wild dogs had been seen in the area and decided to go exploring to see if we could find them.

We couldn't believe our luck when we actually spotted them a long way off in the distance. We decided to wait patiently to see if they would head out in our direction - it paid off.  The dogs suddenly became very active and I could see that they were preparing to hunt. The afternoon was very cool and this also helped as the dogs become active earlier in the day.

Until this sighting, we had only seen general game during the course of the safari. We had spotted the dogs the previous day but they were fast asleep, so now to see them on the hunt was thrilling. 

I know wild dogs and their behavior fairly well, so once I spotted them doing their hunting strategy of positioning themselves to run onto the road, then I knew I should try and place the vehicle as close as possible to the herd of impala. The dogs had circled one buck and I thought they were focused on just that individual when suddenly another impala gets chased into our car.

As the sighting happened, it was extremely exciting, yet tense, at the same time. There was lots of anticipation as the dogs worked their magic. When the young impala hit the car the guests felt so sorry for the poor buck, however, the impala did manage to get away. I had to turn the vehicle around and then we saw the dogs had made a kill.'

Marc also added: 'I personally don't think they killed the impala that hit the car, as the impala that the wild dogs killed was an adult impala and the one that ran into my safari vehicle was a young impala.'



He finished off by saying: 'We really felt fortunate to witness such a remarkable sighting. To see wild dogs alone is amazing, but to see them hunting and making a kill is super amazing.'


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