When is the Best Time for a Safari?

May 19 2015

You have been contemplating going on a Kruger Park Safari in South Africa. You have spoken to various service providers trying to fish out the best deals.  Saved up some money and done some online research.  Now the question of “when is the best time for a Safari in the Kruger”.  Obviously the deciding factor would be when will your boss be able to give you the time off of work or when can you spare the time in your busy life. However you should also consider the seasons when planning your dream Kruger National Park safari.

The hot and humid weather during the South African Summer months is not everybody’s cup of tea or the dry and colourless bush of the winter months might not be your idea of fun.  Generally (and I personally believe this too) any time is a good time in the Kruger National Park, so I am merely going to give you some facts about each season and let you make your own decision.

November through December These are the best summer months in the Kruger National Park, temperatures are high but so are the spirits.  Rain is falling, the bush is lush and it is filled with an abundance of newborn animals. You can also look forward to glorious and spectacular thunderstorms and temperatures ranging between 16 and 35 degrees Celsius.  December is also the time of year when most South Africans take their summer holidays and you can expect the Park to be full of local and international people.

January through February

If you are running away from a freezing Northern Hemisphere you can’t choose a better place to run to, just know that you will be going from one extreme to the other.  These months are the height of the rainy season and the days are hot and humid with spectacular thunderstorms. Rain-dependent plants are flowering in these months, making the landscape very colourful. The animals are spread over wider areas because of water availability and you can expect excellent birding during February.  Temperatures can go close to 40 degrees Celsius during midday.

March through April

March is the last of the summer and the bush is dense with a last few amazing thunderstorms and game viewing can be erratic.

April marks the end of the South African summer months and autumn slowly starts to creep in.  The lush green bush starts to thin and starts showing a beautiful array of reds and oranges.  Most animals are in peek condition but may sometimes be difficult to spot.  Temperatures are cooling down and an average of about 28 degrees Celsius may be expected during the days, making it lovely weather…

May through June

During the winter months cold temperatures are experienced at night and at dawn, you definitely need a warm jacket for morning and evening game drives.  However the temperatures during the day are still quite pleasant. The vegetation becomes totally brown and trees start losing leaves. Visibility during game drives is enhanced due to sparser vegetation.

July through August

This is the heart of winter time.  The nights can be very cold but you can expect clear and beautiful days.  The bush is a canvas filled with hues of brown and yellow and game viewing is excellent because most of the game will be around the water holes.  The August winds will then start blowing in spring.

I hope you notice that basically any time can be a good time to visit the Kruger National Park.  There will always be a season that will suit your preference.  It all depends on what you wish to see and what type of weather you prefer.  The one constant however are the lovely days.

Now you have all this info, go ahead and start booking…

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