What It is Like Being Surrounded by Wild Dogs -- 360 Degree Video

Jan 12 2016


The most recent video featured in the Latest Sightings Film & Earn partnership program is one which places you in the centre of the environment, and with the ability to look around. The video captures the playful behaviour of wild dogs, filmed at approximately 2pm at the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre. This 360 degree video can be watched on a desktop using your cursor, but the essence is best captured on a mobile phone or tablet. The functionality of these devices is arguably the best way to do it, because as you move your device it uses the movement of sensors in the device like a “window” into another world. 
And this is certainly the case for me, as I can clearly watch the interaction of these wild dogs at play - twittering, nuzzling and scampering amongst each other. Wild dogs are known for their extreme social bonds and live in permanent packs of up to 27 dogs. As heard in this clip members of a pack vocalise in order to coordinate their movements. In addition they also vocalise when they are excited, or such as just before or after a kill, wild dogs give off a high-pitched giggly twitter. Typically before a hunt, wild dogs will begin vocalising and touching, a playful function that bonds them for a common objective, and ultimately initiates their hunt.   
These successful pack hunters’ chase can go on for approximately 2-5km’s and while small prey are simply pulled down and torn apart, larger prey are repeatedly bitten on the legs, belly and anus. That is, until they stop running! wild dogs can reach a speed of 65 – 70 km/h during their hunt and they depend on their stamina in long pursuits to wear down the prey. 
Regarding this particular clip, Ulrico Grech-Cumbo, CEO of Deep VR a film production company explains, “Now we can put people in the thick of the action, but in complete safety. It's called 'virtual reality' because it is the closest we have ever been able to take people to wild animals without physically being there. The other thing that is significant, is that it gives a viewer choice. Normal filming has only dictated what people can see, but 360 lets them choose where & what they want to watch. Ultimately, it is like being there!
We hope you enjoyed being at the centre of this wild dog interaction and would love to hear your feedback regarding our first 360 degree video, so please leave or send us a comment. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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