Waterbuck Escapes the Jaws of a Crocodile

Aug 30 2016

This gripping moment that a pair of waterbuck pulled off a great escape from a crocodiles.






This incredible sightings was captured on film by 33 year old, Credit Controller, Wynand Vosser.




While on a long detour, we stopped for a moment at Mpondo Dam on the S102, when we two waterbuck came racing into the water looking very startled. They snorted and it looked like they had been chased by something.


They kept looking behind us the whole time and after observing them with my binoculars I could see one of them was bleeding from his hind leg on the right hand side.

We decided to wait and see if a predator had followed them. I scanned the dam and knew there must be crocs around.  Some of the hippos had also started swimming closer to the bleeding waterbuck.
We waited for nearly an hour and then my dream sighting came true!


After going to the Kruger National Park for many years I never thought I would see a crocodile attempting a kill so it is very rare for me. It is something I always dreamed of seeing but never thought I would be lucky enough.
It was like a dream happening right in front of our eyes. I told my fiance to keep recording the entire time. I felt proud that we waited patiently which in the end paid off handsomely.

The waterbuck got away after it fell on the croc. Hard to believe that it could be so lucky to escape the predator as the croc had him in a tight grip and dragged him under the water.
After it escaped we followed the buck into the bushes where it just stood and looked like it didn’t know what to do.

People drove by and looked bewildered as we watched the waterbuck for a while and told them about our exciting sighting”.

For us at Latest Sightings, we always love the waiting game when in the park.
Just last week I was at a lion sighting near Kumana dam and spotted an elephant about 300m from the lions. Even though it took an hour and 45 minutes, I waited and ended up having an amazing sighting of the elephant going up to the lions and chasing them away.




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