Watch the Moment a Black Rhino Decides to Charge

Jun 22 2016

This is the moment a black rhino ran right towards a couple busy taking photographs





The footage shows just how fast and unpredictable animals can be and we should always be ready for anything when watching these magnificent animals.



Farm manager, Andrew, and assistant lodge manager, Sam, captured the scary attack while driving back from a cheetah sighting in a safari park in South Africa.


Andrew, 28, said this was an extremely rare sighting for them. 





Sam told Latest Sightings: “On the 11 of June 2016, Andrew and I were driving to go and see some cheetah which had been spotted from the lodge, we waited until all the guests had gone to their rooms and we were on lunch break. We went to the cheetah and on the way back we saw a great rock which was out of place (at this point I should mention I forgot my glasses at home so was not quite as blind as a bat), I pointed this rock out to Andrew who laughed and told me it wasn't a rock, but a black rhino. We stopped and as we stopped, the breaks squeaked. This immediately aroused the rhino’s curiosity.”




Sam said that they were both very excited. “I don't spend much time out in the field anymore so it was very special seeing this beautiful creature.”



At the end, one can see the video abruptly ending with the camera falling on the bonnet.

Sam said: “I dropped my phone which I was recording on because Andrew jumped onto my lap... The rhino stopped its charge and turned around about 20cm from the car door. We both got the giggles and left the rhino to be grumpy by himself. We then watched the video of him coming for us a few times over giggling like little school-girls.”


Andrew and Sam are very excited to add this video to the Latest Sightings Partner Program, as they would love to share this sighting with people all over the world!



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