Leopard Kills a Warthog and Lion Steals it

Feb 27 2016
Late one afternoon in November 2014, Kobus Spangenberg, owner and field guide for Kruger Africa Safaris was heading towards Crocodile Bridge Gate on the H4-2 (main road). Minutes later, approximately 7kms before the gate entrance, he chanced upon this scene. And with this intense wildlife interaction, it made it into the Latest Sightings (A wildlife crowdsourcing site app iPhone & iPad app / Android app that enables you to receive real-time game viewing alerts while on safari.  Film & Earn partnership program.      
Kobus says, “On arrival, the leopard had the warthog around the neck! It looked like a young leopard, and she was struggling to bring the warthog down.' Two things immediately struck Kobus. Firstly, the large size of the warthog, and secondly the manner in which the leopard was holding on to the warthog.
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Kobus continues, “Generally a leopard will suffocate its prey from the throat position! And consequently will immediately silence its prey. But in this instance, the leopard grabbed the neck, and the warthog made ear-deafening sounds over a considerable period. In fact the squeals were so loud it attracted the attention of a lioness”.
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Owing to their size, warthogs unfortunately have numerous enemies. Their active defence is limited to the use of the tusks and butting with the head, particularly by males. Sometimes they manage an escape by retreating into burrows, when pursued. The young fall prey to a number of enemies, including: eagles, pythons, crocodiles, a number of cat species, as well as dogs. Adults are more punishing on their attacker, but all the large predators will hunt them and they are specifically favoured by leopard. 
Had the leopard killed the warthog by the throat, the lioness would most likely have been non the wiser. Kobus continues, “But due to the inexperience of this young leopard, it cost him his meal.” The leopard having exerted a considerable amount of energy on this kill, will probably not be hunting again for a while, however being an opportunist should an opportunity rise, I am sure he would take it. The lioness, appearing to be a nursing lioness and therefore isolated, on the other hand struck it lucky with an easy meal.

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