Watch The Moment Leopard Soars Through Air to Kill Impala

Oct 9 2016

Safari guide, Simon Vegter, captures the sighting when a leopard leaps in the air and lands on top of an unsuspecting drinking impala.



This spectacular sighting was caught on the 5th of October 2016, by guide at Wild Wings Safaris, Simon Vegter while guiding a safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.



Although leopards kill regularly, they are very elusive animals and it is very rare to witness a leopard making a kill. However, this is the second time Simon has seen this female leopard make a kill at the exact same waterhole. This has also been the fifth leopard kill Simon has witnessed on a Wild Wings safari in the Kruger Park during the last year.



Simon explains to the scenes leading up to the sighting:

“We were at the end of our morning drive. Since I am aware of the leopard’s presence in the area, I always keep a look out when I pass this waterhole. Another guide had mentioned that he saw the leopard leaving the waterhole called De La Porte (There were also a few sightings reported of her on our Latest Sightings App). When I got there, I relocated her in the dry riverbed. The leopard then decided to return back to the waterhole.”



Simon continues: “When a herd of impala approached, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for a kill. However, I couldn’t find the leopard in her normal hiding spot. I wasn’t sure she was in position for a hunt, until she burst out of the covers. The speed that she moves at, always catches me by surprise. I had my camera ready by the time she leaped at the impala, and was so grateful that the focus was good. The guests were ecstatic at having been fortunate enough to witness this drama.




After the impala was killed, the female leopard dragged the kill out of the water, ate a bit from the backside of the impala and then continued to drag it across a dry riverbed towards a rocky hill, where she was hiding a cub.”




As we mentioned before, this wasn’t the first time Simon witnessed a kill by the same leopard at the same waterhole. However, this was equally as exciting for him as the other kill. Simon said “Having witnessed this kill before, I was a bit more prepared in her strategies and was able to station the vehicle in an appropriate place to see the action unfold. She used exactly the same strategy as before by bursting from the covers, scaring the herd of impala, causing one to slip into the water, and then smothering it in the water with a snout grip (keeping her mouth over the impala’s mouth and nostrils), rather than a throat grip. The last time, a pride of lions arrived and chased the leopard off the kill, but the fact that there weren’t any lions nearby this time meant that she could safely bake her cake and eat it too.






Article Written by Simon - Wild Wings Safaris and Latest Sightings


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