Two Lionesses, a Cub and a Leopard Cross Paths

Mar 18 2016
Often, while driving to the Kruger National Park, or any national game reserve for that matter, I always sense this feeling of hope, that I will see at least one cat. But to see two in one sighting, now that is a blessing! Jean Graham of Discover Kruger Safaris, who is also a Latest Sightings (real time game viewing app available on iPhone/iPad and Android which enhances visitors sightings in game reserves) community member agrees! She says, 'My guests were extremely excited to see 2 big predators in such close proximity to each other and also to watch the interaction between them. A special sighting indeed!” To experience similar exciting wildlife sightings visit Latest Sightings Vacations!
In this particular sighting Jean and her guests were enjoying watching 2 lionesses with a cub. It was on the S79 loop in the south eastern section of the Kruger Park, off the H4-1 road, between Lower Sabie and Skukuza. They started to walk parallel to the road in the riverbed. She says, “Lions are very social cats, so it is nothing unusual to see a few females with different cubs together. Prides can be anything from around 5 members up to mega prides of 30 individuals.” However to reach mega pride status, the conditions need to be just perfect - plentiful prey, and strong pride males. 
Slowly, their vehicle followed them a little further and watched as they walked through a gap. It was then that they spotted a leopard sitting on a rock. Jean says, “Leopards are solitary so it is not common to see them together, unless it is a female with her cubs, or a mating pair.” A leopard’s territory is marked and protected from other leopards. However it does happen that a male territory may overlap with a females. 
The lions continued on a path, directly past the leopard. The lions ignored the leopard! The leopard remaining on the rock snarled! A few minutes later the leopard jumped off, and disappeared into the thickets in the opposite direction. Although leopards are much smaller than lions, they are very dangerous animals in close encounters. Therefore unless a lion is able to surprise a leopard, they will display respect for the leopard.” On that note a leopard will always try and avoid a lion, hyena or wild dog.”

Sighting and commentary by Discover Kruger Safaris, an owner run company giving personalised attention to guests.  Jean is the owner with 10 years experience in guiding. 

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