Top Roads of the Kruger National Park

Dec 21 2015
Everyone has their own ideal of a perfect sighting in the Kruger National Park. But there are some roads which are just more action packed than others!  And this, combined with using the Latest Sightings app (iPhone & iPad app / Android app), you are almost guaranteed to see something exciting…! Of the top roads, more action seem to take place in the south of the Kruger Park with one road in the north. Let’s take a look and see what recent things have taken place on these roads:

Based on tings received, the H4-1 is certainly one of the most action packed in the Kruger. The road runs between Skukuza and Lower Sabie. While Skukuza is well known to be a great camp for first time visitors (and often spotted in the area is leopard, wild dog, nyala and the purple crested lourie), Lower Sabie attracts a vast and diverse range of wildlife and it’s not uncommon to view wildlife venturing towards the waters.

On the 16th December at 08h35 Kerry for Kruger Pride Safaris tinged lions spotted stationary both sides of the H4-1, approximately 4.3 kilometres from Lower Sabie with a buffalo kill. The very next day Kerry again tinged, hyena were spotted at this same spot eating on the buffalo carcass. Just a couple of days later, on the same road approximately 1.8 kilometres from Lower Sabie, Babs tinged that across the river lions with a kill were chasing hyena away.

Before using the Latest Sightings app, I spent many a visit in the bush specifically trying to spot a leopard in a tree, but with not much luck. Tinged twice in one week: leopard spotted on the H4-1 in a tree. The first ting by Diana, Stol, Zandre and Dylan was 8km from Lower Sabie, while the second tinged by Kerry for Kruger Pride Safaris was 4.1 kilometres east of S79 east entrance. 

Another great sighting this week on the H4-1 between Nkuhlu and H12 turn off under a fig tree was of a lioness with her cubs, all stationary with a 5/5 visibility. And just a little later in the day Nadav tinged 3 lions stationary 2.1 kilometres north of Nkulu. For the birders, a martial eagle with a red ring on right leg was spotted along the road in a dead tree, while a goliath heron was also tinged by  Kim along the Sabie River.
h4-1 Nadav

The H4-2, another action packed road runs between Crocodile Gate Bridge and Lower Sabie. Crocodile Bridge Gate is the eastern entrance into the Kruger National Park and often here one is lucky enough to spot leopard, wild dog, and cheetah.

On 16 December, 16 kilometres from the Crocodile Bridge, Cameron tinged 20 wild dogs spotted with a 5/5 visibility. Approximately 12.5 kilometres from the crocodile bridge, Babs tinged a 5/5 sighting of a leopard. The leopard sleeping next to the road! Other great sightings on this road this week include 2 stationary female lions and hyenas in the road east side of lower sabie, also with a 5/5 visibility. Another action packed sighting tinged by Jana was of lion chasing vultures off of an impala kill, and then dragging it into the bush.
                              tinged by Jana H4-2tinged by Jana h4-2(2)     
In 2002 Phabeni gate was erected to ease the traffic entrance into the park and its African architectural style exemplifies new South Africa ambience. More than this, the S1 which runs from this gate through to Skukuza also proves to a road with great sightings. On the 16th of December with a 5/5 visibility hyena were spotted with cubs just 8 kilometres from the Phabeni entrance. Earlier in the week a pack of wild dogs were spotted and tinged playing in the road 10 kilometres west of Bobbejaanskrans by Aasima, also with a 5/5 visibility.
Aiisima H7
Further north the H7 runs between Orpen gate (a region of good pasture, and an abundance of game) and Satara rest camp. Satara offers visitors the chance to see a wide variety of other exciting wildlife and birds. It also offers a degree of escapism and tranquillity in the various cottages and accommodation options.

Some updates from the area include first a pack of wild dogs on the hunt, tinged by JP at 05h20 with 5.5 visibility. This was 10.4 kilometres form Tamboti after a failed attempt to hunt a common duiker. At 06h06 Andre and Nicky tinged pack of wild dogs make a kill, 8 kilometres from Tamboti. A further ting went out at 06h27 by Andre and Nicky that there was interaction between wild dogs and hyenas. 

This is just some of the action experienced on these popular sightings’ roads of the Kruger National Park. Download and register with the Latest Sightings app to also experience such sightings, or if you not in the park to virtually experience these sightings. 

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