Surprise Leopard Hunt in Front of Safari Vehicle

Dec 2 2015



Screams emanate as safari vehicle guests are startled! “It was very exciting”, says Sujin, videographer of the clip, “It was wonderful to see such a beautiful animal up-close, and in-action!” 

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Early dawn the party heard alarm calls, and shortly thereafter they spotted the male leopard walking toward shrubbery. “It was dense and thick, and unsuitable to drive through,” says Sujin. So instead they swung around! They were going to attempt catching the leopard on the other side…

They lost the leopard for a bit, but were temporarily amused by a flock of guineafowl who had been sitting on the road. And especially when they began to run ahead of the vehicle! Sujin says, “We were travelling relatively slowly as the ranger and tracker were still keeping a lookout for the leopard. The flock began with at least twenty birds running ahead of the vehicle. We began filming after about half of them had split off one by one while running in front of the vehicle.”

“Suddenly, our ranger slammed on brakes! And out of no-where the leopard, propelled up before us,” continues Sujin.

“Leopards are supreme opportunists and will often take a lot of small prey such as guineafowl. Cats generally dispatch small prey with a ‘neck-bite’, driving a canine between the cervical vertebrae and severing the spinal cord, or crushing the skull of very small prey. Larger prey is suffocated, but if the grip is not correct this can take a long time with the prey suffering considerable distress,” explains Trevor Carnaby, author of Beat About the Bush.

Possibly due to the shy nature of the leopard he ran off once his hunt of the guineafowl failed, and the party was unable to find him again.

Sujin concludes, “My dad and I are avid viewers of nature documentaries, and getting to see all the beauty of these wild animals in their natural habitat was a dream come true. Interacting and learning more about the animals, life in the camp, and Kruger was truly an unforgettable experience.”
Written by Tracy Burrows. Commentary & footage by Sujin

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