Python Tries To Escape Horns Piercing Through Head

Aug 9 2016

This is the moment a python was swallowing a duiker when the duiker’s horns went right through the python’s skin.


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Christo, 62, regularly visits game reserves throughout Southern Africa and this was the first time he had encountered something like this. It was extremely rare for him.

And having following python sightings ourselves on the Latest Sightings app, this is an extremely rare sight for anyone.



One day, outside Christo’s chalet, he spotted a duiker. But this duiker was lying down, so he went a bit closer to see why. That’s when he discovered that a python had gotten hold of this duiker and was in the process of swallowing it.



Christo told Latest Sightings: “I was overwhelmed by this and couldn’t believe that I came across this sight bearing in mind that this is a very rare opportunity to film this.”


Once the word of this sighting got around, there was some loud discussion going on and Christo believes that this frightened the snake, causing it to retreat. As the python retreated from it’s meal, the horns of the duiker pierced through his head.



Watch here:


Luckily, the python could wiggle and jiggle about and set itself free.


Written by Nadav Ossendryver and Christo Brunette 


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