Porcupine takes on a Pride of lions

Jul 19 2016

This is the moment a couple filmed a porcupine testing his luck against a whole pride of lions.


Watch the video below!  


The retired Beryl Salottolo and her husband, Gules, were visiting the Kruger National Park when they came across this awesomely rare sighting of a pride of lions trying to hunt a porcupine.


Beryl told Latest Sightings that they were camping at Satara when she was told by a fellow tourist about the pride of 12 lions that consisted of an endangered white lion. This pride is found is on the S100, a world-renowned road for lions.

“We left camp shortly after the gates opened and travelled along the S100, determined to find the elusive white lion! At 07h30, we saw a few lions walking in the veld to our left, alongside the road.  They crossed the road in front of us and it was then that we realised that we had found our white lion! They disappeared down the river bank only to reappear a few minutes later chasing a porcupine.”


This porcupine was determined to fight for his life. Beryl explained: “The poor porcupine took cover under the vehicle in front of us and we were able to video this amazing interaction between it and the pride of lions.”

On two occasions the porcupine turned his back towards the lions and Beryl thought he would shoot his quills to defend himself, but he didn’t.

One lion did however have a quill stuck in its mouth, but he managed to remove it without much damage.

“We felt desperately sorry for this little animal but these young lions were just inquisitive and meant him no harm.”


At the end of the video one can see how the young lions lost interest and wandered off towards the river, leaving the porcupine under the vehicle, which eventually drove off.

Once the coast was clear, the porcupine disappeared into a culvert underground.








“Shortly afterwards, at N’wanetsi Picnic site, we celebrated our sighting with a typical Kruger skottel breakfast. We were on an emotional high – not only had we witnessed a learning process for these young lions but we had also had the incredible privilege of seeing the much talked about white lion for the first time in our 46 years of visiting the park.”

Beryl then went to our Partner Program to share her video with the world! 


No better way to celebrate an amazing sighting in the Kruger National Park!


Written by Nadav Ossendryver with Beryl Salottolo


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