Photo Tip: Telephoto Lens

Sep 7 2015

Sharpen your nature photography skills with Heinrich van den Berg

A telephoto lens is any lens that magnifies the subject, i.e. a lens longer than 85mm. Telephoto lenses are divided into further subtypes, namely: medium telephoto lenses and super telephoto lenses.

Beginner tip

A telephoto lens is a necessity for wildlife photography. It will open a whole new world to you because you will be able to photograph animals at a distance and yet still fill the frame with the subject. Rather buy one good telephoto lens than try to cover the whole range with a number of mediocre lenses.

Pro tip

In our opinion, the perfect perspective lens for wildlife photography is 300-500mm. When you use a lens in this range, the subject will look the most natural and the balance between subject and background will be just right.

How you can take a similar image

Lens: Telephoto lens.

Settings: Maximum aperture. Low ISO.

How: When you find yourself in a beautiful dune landscape that will make a stunning background, drive or walk around until you find a subject to photograph against it. Just remember to take your tripod along if you walk.



 Heinrich van den Berg


I don't want to call myself a professional wildlife photographer, because the term has expired. I don't want to call myself a publisher, because I am a professional wildlife photographer. I don't want to be only a photo trainer, or an app developer or a writer. I want to call myself an artist, but what qualifies one to become one? I don't believe I am an artist yet, but one day perhaps I would be able to create something that I am proud enough of. In the meantime I just want to enjoy what I do.




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