Latest Sightings First Film and Earn Contributor Success

Mar 17 2016
First Film & Earn Contributor Success
Latest Sightings is all about revolutionising!  In essence it's about combining a love for wildlife, with technology. We are always working on ways to improve your safari holiday experiences. Therefore with our quality partners, and through our app (a crowdsourcing site which helps users experience amazing wildlife sightings through real-time alerts in game reserves,  iPhone & iPad app / Android app) which has enabled us to gather expert knowledge of exactly where wildlife sightings are happening we are able to guide you in where the action may be happening. 
Many of our Film and Earn Partners have successfully leveraged off of this expert knowledge and app, enabling them to not only witness, but also film the phenomenal sightings that have been submitted.  Our top earner for February has been earning a monthly passive income through his partnership with our channel since September 2014. And to date the video has received well over 78 200 000 views. The top 3 earning videos for the month are as follows:
Gert de Koker, a visitor to the Kruger National Park was the first to revel in Latest Sightings monetary reward system for his wildlife video footage. Gert says, “As a regular visitor to the Kruger National Park I filmed this particular footage in order to educate people regarding the danger associated with wild animals and the hanging out of car windows. I never imagined it would do this well and that I would be rewarded on an ongoing basis”.
In order to be eligible and maintain a good standing the contributor library provides convenient access to submission guidelines, and other useful information.The video footage accepted from the community does not require technical skills and hence you don’t need to be a professional videographer to get involved. It’s the simple, non-professional but unusual clips that are doing well.
YouTube is the largest online video community in the world, and the Latest Sightings channel is the highest viewed South African channel. therefore publishing your wildlife footage on our channel enables you to reach a global audience. Each time someone views one of your videos, either a banner display ad (called an “Overlay InVideo” ad) is displayed within the video window, or a short TV commercial-style ad is played prior to your video playing. Plus, banner ads are automatically displayed on your YouTube channel page. Each time someone views, clicks on or watches a video-based ad on your video, effectively you earn a little revenue. 

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