Nile Crocodile Steals Wild Dogs Kill

Jun 25 2015

Cape hunting dogs are said to be the most effective predators in the African Bush. They are renowned for ripping their prey apart even whilst still alive. Conrad Cramer, wildlife guide says, “You can see in the video how they waste no time tearing their prey apart.” We chat more regarding the behaviour indicated in this clip:

TB: I was somewhat surprised at how the dogs allowed the crocodile to take their pray. They just stood back and watched. Why is this?
CC: The wild dogs would stand no chance in warding off the huge crocodile. And rather than risk injury they would rather relinquish their prey than fight for it. However had this been a pride of lions the chance of them fighting for it would be far greater.

TB: I read somewhere that a croc after killing its prey can sometimes swim around with it locked in its mouth for hours. Is this true?
CC: It has been reported that people have witnessed this! Very often a croc will drag a drowned victim down and allow the carcass to rot for a while under water before devouring it.

TB: Are they quite patient creatures?
CC: Crocodiles are incredibly patient creatures. They can wait at the water’s edge for hours waiting for potential prey.

TB: Where is the Nile crocodile found?
CC: The Nile crocodile is commonly found throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar and lives in different types of aquatic environments such as lakes, rivers and marshlands.

TB: Is it true that the sexes of crocodile hatchlings are dependant on incubation temperatures?
CC: Yes, females are produced at low temperatures where as males at high temperatures.

TB: What is the most interesting thing you can tell us about the Nile crocodile?
CC: A crocodile can go for 6 months or more without eating. The body functions in a crocodile slow right down in winter time in which they won’t eat at all.

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