Male Rhino Versus Mother and Calf

Jan 31 2017

This footage reveals how a male rhino uses an antagonistic approach to bully this female and her calf preventing them from having a drink at the waterhole.







Beryl St Arnaud, 50 year old Housewife describes this experience to
“This waterhole is always a very rewarding one.  Lions have recently been added to this park to make it a big 5 Park and the hide was recently renovated to provide more safety when getting to the hide from the car park.  It was always quite nerve-wracking (if you have small children) but otherwise exciting to walk quite a long way, unfenced to the hide, knowing there are lions about.



It was during a drought and everything was so dry so it was particularly heartbreaking to see the male bully the mom and baby so much, when they were clearly walking together as a family.  We are all pretty used to noises of ellies and other animals, but what struck me, in particular, was the grunts and the moans from the baby. Never before had I heard rhino noises. 

Rhino sightings are not that rare in this Park but the confrontation and displays of male dominance were unique and a first for us.  Also, the fearlessness of the mom protecting her baby was very heartwarming.  Something I could relate to as a mom.  The fact that she would rather submit and face a thirsty afternoon than face the male’s wrath was amazing.

Most people had no idea why he was behaving like this.  Some speculated that he could smell us in the hide or perhaps the lion's scent was in the vicinity making him want to protect her and the baby.  No-one had a definite answer for us. They eventually had nothing to drink and walked away with him through the very dry bush.







Firstly, just stay at this hide, even when the animals have left.  They all tend to have their 'time slot' and as one herd leaves, so another is waiting its turn.  It's hard not to want to interfere, but nature does its thing and I would advise you just to sit quietly and enjoy the best reality show ever.


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