Lions Mating Next to the Road - Extreme Close Up

Oct 4 2016

In August 2014, 50 year old, Systems Engineer, Manie Van Rooyen, captured on film his first ever moment of seeing a pair of mating lions.



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“This was special to me because it was the one and only time I have seen lions mating in person.



We had a full day of driving through Kruger Park and stopped to have lunch at Satara Camp. After lunch we made our way towards Orpen Gate to exit Kruger.

It was on our way to exit the park approximately 30 kilometres from Orpen Gate that we saw cars next to the road.

There was a dirt road turn-off which we took and saw some lions lazing between 5-10 meters from the tarred road.

We watched this for a while and then made our way back to the tarred road.

Within approximately 20 meters that we were back on the tarred road, the male and female lions were literally right next to the road and as we were about to pass them they started mating giving me the opportunity to film them.


I was extremely impressed and excited about our luck in seeing lions mating in person.


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Unfortunately we had to leave not long after because we had quite a drive in front of us from Orpen Gate back to Hazyview where we were staying”.


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