Lions Hunt & Attack Impalas at Waterhole

Jan 27 2017

This is a perfect example of how you never know what's about to happen in the wild! 




Roger Pedro was on a holiday in the Kruger National Park with his family. Him and his family were staying at Satara, book yourself to stay there, when they all decided to take an afternoon drive to a nearby waterhole.

When they arrived at the waterhole by the name of Nsemani dam, they spotted a pride of lions heading down to the water.


The pride had soon finished drinking and headed over the bank to relax a bit before the evening hunt. But little did they know that the hunt would be on a little early today!

An unsuspecting herd of impala arrived at the waterhole for a quick drink during the afternoon, and this caught the eyes of the sleeping lions.

Lions are extremely opportunistic creatures when it comes to hunting, so when they see an opening for food, they will most likely take a chance on the hunt.

This pride of lions saw that the thirsty herd of impala was not aware of their presence, and so the lions saw this as an opening for an easy catch.

As soon as the alpha lioness saw that all of the impala's attention was put to drinking, she charged! She got up and sprang down the embankment towards the drinking impalas. 

The impalas must have felt the vibrations on the ground and heard the sounds of alarm calls made by nearby birds, because they all got up and scattered all over. 

The hunt was on! And at full force!

You see as the lioness jumped right into the mud, not realizing just how deep the water was. The lioness ended up stumbling a bit. You feel a sense of relief for the impalas because one felt that this stumble would have definitely given the impalas the perfect opportunity to get away.

However, this was somehow not the case...

 The lioness restarts the charge towards Roger and his family, when you see the impala ewe jumping and running right towards the lioness. The lioness puts up her paw and easily grabs hold of the impala.

Within seconds, the rest of the pride hears the beckoning call of the dying impala and come running towards the free meal.





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