Lions Chase Buffaloes Right Into Tourist's Car!!

May 15 2016

Life threatening moment caught on camera as lions chase a herd of buffalo straight into a spectating car!




The video shows how unpredictable any sighting can be in a game reserve like Kruger, as a herd of buffalo run straight towards a parked car.




Penny Osborne was lucky enough to be at this amazing sighting that happened near Satara in the Kruger National Park and submitted the video the Latest Sightings Program soon after.





Penny captures on film how a group of buffaloes gracefully pass through the African bush, straight towards a pair of male lions, waiting in ambush.
The lions cease their chance just as the buffaloes entered into their trap and leap at the herd, causing the herd to do a U-turn and go into stampede mode.



When prey is being chased by a predator, their adrenaline and instinct kicks in and they just run, not always planning where they are running, as long as it’s away from the predator.

IMG 4393

IMG 4392

This video shows this perfectly, as the herd run straight into on one of three tourist cars wanting to watch this incredible hunt unfold.

 IMG 4390

After the dust cloud, formed by the stampede, settles, it appears that the car they crashed into has been thrown onto the grassy bank with very minimal damages.

IMG 4389 

Penny straight away drove towards the VolksWagen that got smashed by the buffaloes, to check if the people needed help.

Luckily, no one was injured and it was just the car that needed to be fixed.


Written by Nadav Ossendryver


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