Lioness Hunt Ends with a Flop!

Jun 16 2016


Watch the very funny moment captured on film of a lioness attempting a sneaky Hunt but lands up doing a belly flop into a pool of water.




Student, Natasha Van Der Walt (20), captured this hilarious moment back in 2009 and decided to send it in to Latest Sightings as soon as the Film and Earn program started.




“This was rare for me because I have seen many failed hunts before but none that have ended with such a 'splash'.




Natasha explained: “We were on our way to breakfast at Tshokwane from Orpen when we stopped at Girivana Dam.




The pair of young lions were, at first, just lazing around until a few impala arrived to drink.”




“We were excited by the possibility of seeing a hunt in progress and waited intensely for the happenings to unfold, but by the end of the sighting we couldn't contain our laughter anymore.”




“The lioness completely missed the impala and landed in the waterhole chasing the rest of the herd away.”


Can’t help but wonder if the Impala were as amused as we were…..


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