Lion Kills Hyena Cub

Dec 13 2016

This is an amazing video of 2 male lions taking a stroll near a hyena den. They noticed a small hyena snoozing and decided to get rid of it by chasing it and giving it a bite of death.







All of this action was captured on film by 27 year old, Field Guide Almero Klingenberg at Kings Camp (Timbavati) on 26 November 2016.


This was seen at Kings Camp, so go on a safari there:



Almero told “After spending 20 years in the bush, this was an incredibly rare sighting!! I have never seen anything like this before!



We stopped the game vehicle and sat silently with the 2 male lions whilst they were sleeping. One of my guests happened to ask me if the lions would react should another specie happen to walk by. It’s as if those words were heard by the lions because not even a minute later hyenas began communicating not too far away.


The 2 lions jumped up and immediately ran into the area where the sounds were coming from. When they got close to the den, they started to stalk and run towards the hyenas.


One of the male lions, known as the Timbavati male lions, grabbed a young hyena cub from the den and immediately bit into him. He also shook him around allowing the youngster no chance of survival.


Both the hyenas and lions were staring each other down and then began moving around the vehicle.



Emotions were running extremely high at this point as it was sad to witness the hyena cub get killed while on the other hand, we were also left extremely fascinated by this rare occurrence.


The lions chased the hyenas away and began to mark their territory at the den letting off huge roars as they did so.







At the end of the day the victory was that of the lions”.

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