Latest Sightings Film & Earn August Update

Oct 2 2015

‘Wild Dogs Attack Spotted Hyenas to Defend Their Kill’, is an action packed video clip which featured as the Latest Sightings August video of the month. Watch two hyenas optimistically scrap with a large pack of wild dog! Muzzle to muzzle, the chaotic frenzy and piercing sounds, leave the viewer wondering...

Sean Gilberts, videographer of the clip, and guide in the Sabi Sands (a group of private concessions adjacent to the Kruger National Park) says, 'It's incredible that this Film & Earn Programme affords spectators globally the opportunity to witness such riveting footage through the eye of a video lens; and this whilst the contributors benefit from a monetary reward.'

Currently the Latest Sightings YouTube Channel is one of the few South African channels with over 200 000 subscribers, a major milestone. And it remains one of the largest wildlife crowdsourcing sites in the world.  Therefore it is not surprising that due to the channels good standing that during the month of August the earnings paid out to the Latest Sightings Film & Earn contributors estimated at R65 512. The overall top 3 earning videos for the month:

•    Baby Elephant Calf vs Birds                                         -estimated R21 401
•    2 Male Lions Kill Kudu in the Middle of the Road              -estimated R3192
•    Hippo Kills an Impala That’s Stuck in the Mud                 -estimated R3014

Approximately 219 varying wildlife videos complement the Latest Sighting YouTube Channel. There is certainly something for everyone: from the feel good cute-stuff, to wildlife rivalry and phenomenal interactions, plus some truly weird antics (after all this is the actual bush, and not predictable text book copy). The channel has over 236 000 000 views, which steadily grows each month.

Sean enthusiastically expresses that with his Film & Earn proceeds, he plans to invest in new lenses in order to produce better quality videos. After all he says, 'The more we share these magnificent wildlife sightings that we see, the more it will entice visitors to South Africa'!

The Film & Earn programme launched in 2014, and to date has successfully each month rewarded community members in the channel's success. From all the videos submitted to Latest Sightings, the best are selected and uploaded. If your footage is selected to feature on the channel, there is a good possibility that it may go viral. And if it does earn advertising spend, it will be shared with you. According to YouTube the number of hours people spend watching videos (aka watch time) on YouTube is up 60%, the fastest growth they have seen in 2 years. As a result this also means that the number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube is up more than 40%.  In the end, in order to be considered or stand a chance, you need to submit your footage.

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