Latest Sightings Film & Earn September Update

Nov 2 2015

“Social media is the modern media used not only by the younger generation but consumers and consumers at large. People “talk” via social media and it is in their faces all the time and tourism businesses have no choice but to be part of it,” says Gerrie van Biljon, executive director: Business Partners Limited.

Social media also offers excellent advertising and exposure possibilities, and YouTube is where it is all happening! In its Q3 earnings call for 2015, Google’s own newly-formed parent company Alphabet emphasized the role YouTube played in helping the internet giant grow its revenue 13% year-over-year to hit $18.7 billion. The number of the top 100 advertisers investing in video has risen by 40% year-on-year.

'By investing in YouTube, these advertisers aren’t just building their brand, they’re also contributing to the YouTube ecosystem,' said Cenk Bulbul, the head of strategy and insights for YouTube Ads Marketing, in a blog post.

Latest Sightings overall earnings for September in the Film & Earn Partnership Program were estimated at R95 121.99, with the top videos as follows:

•    Elephant Coming Back To Life estimated earning is R10508
•    Hippo Kills an Impala That's Stuck in Mud After Lions Chased it estimated earning is R 9265
•    Elephant Stabs and Kills Buffalo estimated earning is R 7461

Two popular wildlife clips submitted to Latest Sightings in the month of October have nearly hit 1 000 000 views each. The “Elephant Stabs & Kills Buffalo” videographer visits the Park’ annually and says, “All my friends whom I showed the footage to pressurised me to submit it to Latest Sightings. And he is totally gob-smacked with how well it has done! “I think the whole concept is great! The fact people can share sightings that another would never see in a lifetime.  Plus the idea of earning money along the way is always welcome,” he says.

Another clip submitted by a videographer of 'Elephants Mating' first heard about Latest Sightings through the app which has revolutionised game viewing. He says, “I decided to share this specific one because I know people love elephants and it was a rare and an unusual sighting of them.” He loves the Film & Earn Partnership concept and has already submitted his next piece of footage. He continues, “It is a great way for ordinary people to earn money for their videos but also a great tool for exposing the special things that happen in the wild that would more than likely end up just sitting on someone’s hard drive at home.”

When asking both these videographers what they plan to do with their earnings? Further dreams and passions are about to be realised. One’s passion is holidays, so no doubt the earnings will contribute to the next holiday. And the other being an avid elephant lover plans to go into east Africa and visit Tsavo and Amboseli… “More elephants”!
“Electronic exposure is vital in the tourism industry. It is unimaginable that a business in the tourism industry is not on the internet at the very least. The internet is probably the first call when considering a service in order to get a feel,” explains Gerrie.  This is followed by social media which is a very powerful interactive communication medium. Social media offers excellent earning capabilities.

This is also indicated in a recent 2015 Q3 report submitted by Alphabet - the number of ads served through to YouTube and other mobile platforms increased 3.5 times over Q3 2014’s numbers! To benefit from this booming industry, sign up to our Film & Earn Partnership Program and submit your footage. Or next time you in a ‘Park’ keep that video camera rolling… As one of our Film & Earn partners says, submit that footage, “Just do it... even if you don't think it is worth much... you just never know”!

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