Latest Sightings 2015 Top 10 Wildlife Videos Compilation

Dec 26 2015


December 2015, Latest Sightings, the largest crowdsourcing community-based smartphone app in the world that helps its users experience amazing wildlife sightings through real-time sighting alerts in game reserves around the world (download here: (iPhone & iPad app / Android app), has released its top 10 wildlife video compilation of the year!  Nadav Ossendryver, founder says, “These were selected from the videos submitted into our  Film & Earn partnership program, and was based on the rarity of the sighting. The videos selected also evoke various types of emotions in the viewer.
Each week Latest Sightings features a new video of the week and “The top 10 Videos of 2015” are as follows:
1. Baby Elephant Calf vs Birds
Video by Susan J Webb, of this little elephant who captured the hearts of many from around the globe!

By nature, calves are curious, and will take time to go and investigate. Therefore it is not surprising that the calf left the herd with the abundance of swifts flying around feeding on small insects.

Due to a calf's fairly underdeveloped brain, it is very much like a blank canvas which must be moulded over the upcoming years. This opens a world of possibilities for complex learning, social development, and the formation of culture.

What an amazing, cute, heart-warming, special unique sighting. We are very lucky to be able to see interaction of this nature.
2. Wild Dogs Hunt & Kill Pregnant Impala

Fascinating video of wild dogs using tactics to hunt a pregnant impala. Very graphic as one can see the baby coming out of the mothers stomach as the wild dogs eat.

Wild dogs don’t lose interest easily, and often use the tactic of tiring out their prey. In this case they know it is only a matter of time until the animal tries to get out of the water, rather than drown.

It is an interesting clip as one of the adult dogs leaves the scene to fetch the pups. Pups at this young age are not helpful in the hunt itself, and is a case of providing food for them…
3. Lioness Reunites With Her Pride After Being Separated For Days
This video by Edrich, is an extremely heart-warming scene of a lioness reuniting with her pride after being separated from them for a few days. Taken on the S114 near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.
The Lioness probably got separated from her pride during a hunt, or an encounter with another pride. At the beginning of the clip the lioness is calling for her pride - a great example of instinctive behaviour. However when the pride returns she approached them with caution, ensuring it was in fact her pride before reuniting with them.

4. Elephant Stabs and Kills Buffalo

Video by Ros Stansell! She and her party arrived at the intersection of the H1-6 and the S48 simply because there was a large herd of elephants. But they were unprepared for the scene that unfolded...
They heard trumpeting and then 2 elephant cows with their calves charged a buffalo calf. Ros says, 'The one elephant cow knocked the buffalo to the ground. The two cows then reversed away, all the time facing the buffalo.  There was no sign of any other buffalo in the area. The buffalo remained crouched on the ground for a minute or two and then slowly got to its feet and took a few steps away from the elephants.  Then the elephant charged again!
Ros continues, 'We were shocked and confused as to the motives of the elephant. We couldnt understand why a little buffalo calf presented a threat to their calves.' Perhaps it was because their was a strong scent of lion in the air. Elephants get very defensive and aggressive when there are predators around and they will do whatever it takes to protect their herd, their youngsters and themselves.

5. Herd of Elephants Help an Elephant Calf After Collapsing in the Road

Video was taken by Juanita Kruger while travelling on the H1-2, approximately 500 metres before the H12 turn-off in the Skukuza area of the Kruger National Park. The last thing Juanita Kruger, was expecting, was for an elephant calf to collapse before her vehicle.
Juanita says, 'My first thought was that he was too weak to continue or maybe he was dehydrated. But as it was an extremely cool, over-cast and drizzly morning, I had to rule that out. She continues, 'Many thoughts raced through my mind including that he was physically too tired, or perhaps, even ill!'
Intrigued by this behaviour, Latest Sightings chatted to elephant fanatic and guiding expert Conrad Cramer. He says, 'Based on what Juanita described and that the young elephant was ambling along comfortably before it collapsed would make me believe that the calf was doing fine. It is common for calves to thrown a “tantrum” when the herd is moving, and mom wont let them suckle. Elephants are tactile creatures hence the display of stroking, prodding and pushing of the young elephant. Another fact that makes Conrad think the elephant was not ill is that he moves off okay into the thickets and is seen feeding.

6. Epic Fight: Lions Attack a Crocodile (2 sets of fighting)

The most intense lion and crocodile fight you will ever see, filmed in Kenya by Craig.
The crocodile was focussed on facing the lions.  If he had to turn his back on them they would have been all over him, and it would have been game over.  Ultimately it becomes a numbers game and whichever predator has the most numbers, will be the ones successful around that particular kill.

In the end you can see the croc slowly retreating whilst still keeping an eye on the lions. 

7.Hippo Kills an Impala That's Stuck in Mud After Lions Chased it

Video taken at Nsemani Dam in the Kruger National Park, by Marelise of an impala that was chased into muddy water by lions. But while struggling to get away, a hippopotamus came and killed the impala.
“A yin-yang feeling, is how Marc Lindsay Rae head of the specialist safari division at Africa Direct describes this sighting, “In the sense of, what an incredible adrenalin filled sighting to witness, but in the same breathe it leaves you saddened by the outcome.

Hippo’s have been known to attack crocodiles, a wide variety of animals, and even boats. This is because they view them as a threat to their environment. This protective nature that they have, especially the females with offspring, has given them a bad reputation as being “the most aggressive animal”. However, you have to keep in mind that these animals are only doing what they are instinctively programmed to do. In this video, this is not territorial behaviour because males are responsible for holding the territory. This is clearly a female and youngster.  When a hippo has a young one to care for, they will become increasingly aggressive. When you “trespass” into her environment, she will perceive you to be a threat to her calf and will react accordingly.
8. Surprise Leopard Hunt in Front of Safari Vehicle Caught on Camera

Video by Su-Jin Wong

Screams emanate as safari vehicle guests are startled! “It was very exciting”, says Su-jin, “It was wonderful to see such a beautiful animal up-close, and in-action!”

They lost the leopard for a bit, but were temporarily amused by a flock of guinea fowl who had been sitting on the road. And especially when they began to run ahead of the vehicle! Suj-in says, “We were travelling relatively slowly as the ranger and tracker were still keeping a lookout for the leopard. The flock began with at least twenty birds running ahead of the vehicle. We began filming after about half of them had split off one by one while running in front of the vehicle.”

“Suddenly, our ranger slammed on brakes! And out of no-where the leopard, propelled up before us,” continues Su-jin.
9. Buffaloes Stop 3 Male Lions From Killing Another Lion
The raw power of these male lions, and the sounds that they make just resonates through your body. Filmed by Mike at Mala Mala in the Greater Kruger National Park, it appears three males from one coalition are attacking a single unrelated male lion.
This type of fighting is typical especially in a place like the Kruger National Park where there is a high concentration of male lions competing for territory and females. However it is not very common for one to see it happening in broad daylight.
While watching the footage Marc was at first amazed to see it was a lion making that low bellow. Initially he thought the noise was of a buffalo being killed (with that distinct bellow they make). Marc says, “Personally I think that bellow got the attention of the buffalo, as if it was another buffalo getting attacked and they came to “help”. That “helping” type of behaviour is fairly common when buffalo get caught by lions because buffalos form the main source of food for lions in Kruger.” Only on closer inspection did they realise it wasn’t another buffalo!
Instinctively the buffaloes then tried to neutralise a now potential threat! In this case, the injured male.

10. Zebra Escapes the Jaws of 2 Crocodiles

Jethro Manuel, videographer of this particular footage was celebrating his dad's 60th birthday in the Kruger National Park when the scene unfolded. Enjoying their safari drive they stopped at Sunset Dam at approximately 9 in the morning, just 2 kilometres from the Kruger's Lower Sabie rest camp.

It was peaceful, when suddenly pandemonium struck! The zebras scattered, and birds hurriedly flurried away. There too were splashes!

He spotted 1 zebra still in the depths of the water, and on closer inspection, its left leg was grotesquely held by the jaws of a crocodile. Jethro continued to film and said he was captivated by this riveting scene, part 'circle of life' developing before his eyes.

This particular zebra was however not giving up without a fight!

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