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Apr 21 2016


always love chatting to first time visitors to the Kruger, as their response and impression are always priceless. And it was no different when chatting to Ryan Hamburger, Latest Sightings community member who recently holidayed in the Park for the first time. While at Skukuza Rest Camp, Ryan and his party were lucky enough to experience a herd of elephants marching across the Sabie River in single file right up to the fence. And this following the unbelievable sightings they experienced throughout their day. Ryan says, 'Since back in Joburg I am addicted to the app and Facebook page, and watch sightings all day long.' This got me chatting to another member, Gerhard, who is based in Saudi Arabia and is also an avid wildlife lover. He too spends a lot of time following the wildlife sightings, and more specifically loves to visit the Live Drive. “It connects me back to what I love and keeps me going’, he says. We are pleased we are able to make this connection and bring wildlife to you, where ever it is you are.

Our community is growing all the time and the quality of sightings that we receive is riveting. Just glimpsing at the videos in The Film and Earn Partnership Programme speaks for itself, and the YouTube channel now has over 266 000 subscribers and 320,672,299 views. These are significant numbers! Some of our older clips also continue to do well on the channel. Gert de Koker, one of our top earners, continues to receive a passive income. This month he received an estimated R6823 for his video 'Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car'. The top 3 earning videos for the month are as follows:

Mother Elephants Protects Calf From Tourists earned an estimated R6120

Elephant Stabs and Kills Buffalo earned an estimated R2773

Battle Between Leopard & Wildebeest Mother over Calf earned an estimated R2636


For those new to our community who may not be aware of the Film & Earn partnership programme, if you submit your wildlife video to us, and it is selected we promote your video to the Latest Sightings audience. And on a monthly basis we will share 40% of the revenue earned with you.


If you would like to join the Partner Program, click here. Also, if you submitted a video before the Partner Program began, please contact us at  [email protected] to make arrangements to include any existing videos in the program.

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