Jackal Attacks Stork in an Epic Battle

Sep 20 2016

Just one last stop before leaving the park led to the most unexpected sighting of a fearless jackal taking on the meal of lifetime.



In March 2016, 28 year old Civil Engineer, Dian Swanepoel, experienced this thrilling sighting at Kubu Dam in the Pilanesburg National Park. 





“We were on our way out of the park via Bakubung Gate when we decided to make one last stop to view the animals and birds at the Kubu dam.



I happened to notice that there was a jackal lying flat on the ground in front of us but we were distracted by the two elephants that were swimming in the dam.






In the blink of an eye the jackal began running towards a marabou and went flat out to grab it around the neck.




I was feeling both shocked and amazed at the same time whilst watching this all unfold. I felt terribly sorry for the marabou but a meal is a meal…



The jackal toyed around with the marabou and seemed to be super chuffed with himself as his tail was wagging side to side like an excited dog.






We hung around for a bit watching the jackal dig in to the feast and hit the road shortly after”.


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