International Vulture Awareness Day

Sep 3 2016

International Vulture Awareness Day



International Vulture Awareness Day, Saturday, 3 September 2016, aims to educate in the critical role of this creature to the well-being of the environment. 

Vultures play an extremely important role, as they are nature’s very own “garbage men”. So basically, the key role of the vulture in signaling the presence of a carcass to other scavengers prevents contamination by bacteria and helps keep nature free of disease.
Throughout the world, including South Africa, vultures face threats that mostly include habitat loss and intentional poisoning by poachers who want to avoid detection which ultimately contributes to them being endangered. 


So if you spot vultures in your area in the park, it is really important that you ting them on our app ( especially if you notice that they are color-marked and there are potential threats in the area as well as conflicts, so we can pass on the
message/sighting to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, which we help for research and protection purposes.


How you can see more kills using vultures!

Vultures are heavy birds and need to start flapping as soon as they leave the tree. If vultures take off from a tree with leaves, the wings might hit a few leaves and so it can hinder them. This is a big reason they sit in dead trees. 
If there is a kill nearby, vultures aren’t too worried about flying, so they will land in green trees because they know that they will be jumping off the tree right onto the ground.


So remember:

Vultures in dead tree - Relaxing / waiting for thermals.
Vultures in green tree with leaves - There is a kill around.


You can also have a look at their great Bird Of Prey Programme here: and see how you can get involved! 


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