Battle at Kruger - Impala vs Wild Dogs vs Crocodile vs Hippo!

Jul 24 2016

This is a truly gripping sighting caught on film of what started out to be a regular wild dog hunt, but ended up as an 
action-packed turn of events!

 Watch Video Below!

22 year old student, Robyn Wessels, captured these spectacular scenes, Transport Dam, a place made famous by the viral video named 'Battle at Kruger', which showed a buffalo being hunted by a pride of lions and a crocodile in the Kruger National Park.



Roby and her husband were first to leave the gate early morning on the 10th of July while staying at Pretoriuskop. According to our Latest Sightings app, Skukuza area is a great place for action sighitngs! Robyn and her husband headed to Skukuza, so they were bound to see something incredible.

In the Kruger, one often drives past turnoffs to waterholes wondering, 'what do you think is there? Should we just take a peak incase there is a leopard drinking or something?'
As Robyn drove past Transport dam, they had the same thought, so they turned off to have a look what was at the dam.
Robyn said: 'Another car was already leaving the dam and we thought that we might just be wasting our time, but nevertheless, we went on in.'

Robyn continued, 'As we arrived, there were no animals to be seen anywhere. I even checked with the binoculars for any sighting of animals, but it was very quiet.
Just as we were about to leave, my husband yelled out: 'Look!! Here comes an impala and wild dogs are chasing it!!'
I quickly grabbed my camera and began to shoot the video. We were the only car for several minutes. By the time other cars started arriving, they had already missed a lot of the action.'

'We were so shocked, I was shaking while busy taking the video! We could not believe our eyes!
Although it was an amazing sighting we felt sorry for the poor impala.'

Towards the end we thought the impala drowned. We only realised later when watching the video on my laptop that a crocodile grabbed the impala and rolled it.
As if there was not enough action taking place already!”


Robyn concluded: “This was definitely a once in a lifetime 10/10 sighting.”


Same location as the famous Battle at Kruger compared to this video.




Written by Victoria Botha and Robyn Wessels


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