Hyena Nearly Opens Car Door

Apr 22 2016

A tourist has filmed the moment a brazen wild hyena tried to open his car door while on a safari.


The incident was captured on film by 18-year-old Francis Makkink during a trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa.


The pack can first be seen strolling up to the car and biting the front drivers-side tyres - before one walks back and attempts to prise open the door using the external handle.


A stunned Francis, who was on a family trip with his parents when the action unfolded, said: 'The bite of a hyena is three times as strong as a Rottweiler’s so my parents weren’t going to take any chances.


'Two young delinquents walked directly to the car parked next to us and decided to test the quality of the tyres by vigorously biting them.


'A sharp honk from the car horn made them jump back a bit in fright, only to regroup and casually saunter over to our car to try their luck on our front tyres.


'One of the adult hyenas decided to try a different approach, confidently walked up to our car and gripped the door handle in its jaws. Its efforts sent a small but very scary vibration through the car.


'If being a South African teaches you anything it is the importance of keeping your car doors locked, and fortunately my dad had done this.'


The footage, shot in December but only just released by Francis, was captured as the family drove down the H1-1, a major road that passes through the Kruger National Park.


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