A Good Way to Earn Passive Income Through Wildlife Videos

Aug 16 2016
With over 293 000 subscribers, the Latest Sightings YouTube channel is delivering ongoing wildlife education and entertainment to a global audience. And this while wildlife enthusiasts are earning a passive income through filming wildlife videos, and often with just their smartphone. YouTube has changed entertainment, and with the calibre of sightings that we are able to share through our Film & Earn partners it is no doubt the channel has reached over 337 690 744 views.
YouTube allows creators to monetise content, and with Latest Sighting's B+ grading we are experts at making wildlife videos and photos go viral. We select the very best sightings and if yours is selected and published to our channel we will in turn share 40% of the revenue earned with you. Last month's top 3 earning videos are as follows:
Annette Naude, videographer of this adrenalin pumping scene says, “We were in awe! How was it possible to witness such interaction? We were desperately clinging to every second, as it’s unlikely we will ever again see something like this!” The phenomenal thing is she captured it, and 258 000 other people have been able to experience it as well. 
2. Male Elephants Mating earned an estimated R1609
Always be alert! Michael says, “There was one particular bull who persisted in resting his trunk on the backs of the other bulls. And it seemed as though he wanted to mount one of them.”“I immediately reached for my camera,” says Michael, “And started filming. I knew the bull was going to do something”! As indicated in the clip the bull started pushing the younger bull about, and after winning the sparing match, he did exactly what Michael had suspected - he mounted the elephant!
3. Lions Bring Down Buffalo / Absolutely Crazy Ending! earned an estimated R4552
Mike Kirkman, a professional guide at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve, filmed this once in a lifetime scene while guiding a drive with guests in the Mala Mala consession in the Greater Kruger National Park. Mike isn’t a newbie to lion vs buffalo videos, he also sent in this outstanding rare footage that has been viewed 2.4 million times:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ7chlrRg7Q. A video that he too submitted to our Film and Earn program, our program where amatuer and professional wildlife film-makers can earn revenue from their footage.  

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