A Great Way to Earn Money Filming Wildlife

May 30 2016
As dense green bush and water holes fade through winter, so wildlife sightings become more. And with that said, I hope by this stage you have downloaded the latest version of the Latest Sightings app (iOS / Android) to keep abreast with where the wildlife action is happening in the parks. Our latest app was released with many improvements for the user, including: the performance; posting while offline; ability to edit a ting or photo; ability to identify people who have liked your ting and follow them; and the ability to reply directly to another comment which forwards an alert to sender.
Through our YouTube Film & Earn partnership program each month our contributors earn a passive income. Since 2014 when the partnership program was implemented we have paid contributors ranging from a few cents and up to R300 000 (for those clips that have gone viral). The top 3 earning videos for the month of April are as follows:
Battle Between Leopard & Wildebeest over Calf earned an estimated R 1 817.66
3 Lions Attack Black Rhino that’s Stuck in Mud earned an estimated R1 668.00
Kruger Sightings ranks as a B+ channel, and is one of the top viewed channels in South Africa. Therefore through our community and resources we have the ability to help your video go viral should you submit a wildlife clip to our partnership program. For every view that your video gets, you get paid a couple of cents. From the revenue earned 40% of the revenue earned is paid to you on a monthly basis.  We accept all wildlife clips from all private and national parks, so if you have existing footage sitting on your phone, computer or hardrive, submit it to us and let us see! 
Growth in watch time on YouTube has accelerated and is up at least 50% year over year for three straight years. In order to be eligible and maintain a good standing the contributor library provides convenient access to submission guidelines, and other useful information. The video footage accepted from the community does not require technical skills and hence you don’t need to be a professional videographer to get involved. It’s the simple, non-professional but unusual or emotional clips that are doing well.
If you would like to join the Partner Program, click here. Also, if you submitted a video before the Partner Program began, please contact us at [email protected] to make arrangements to include any existing videos in the program.
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