Giraffe tries saving her calf from hunting lions

Sep 6 2016

This amazing footage reveals how both captivating and brutal nature can be.







Watch how this mother giraffe continuously storms upon a pride of lions that’s trying to attack her young calf as she desperately tries to protect this young one from a dreadful fate.





Tarryn Rae, field guide for Mankwe Gametrackers along with fellow field guide Walter Mugogovhali, tells the story:



“At 13:00 on 02 September 2016 I was making my way into the Pilanesberg Game Reserve when I asked for updates over the radio. There are also real-time animal sightings reports on the Latest Sightings app.

Walter was on a game drive at that time and informed me that lions had attacked a baby giraffe with a broken leg, but the mother giraffe had chased them off.

Since Walter had left the sighting, he was not sure what the outcome was.


I immediately headed straight there not knowing what I would find. Upon arrival at the sighting, the calf was laying half on the road whilst the 4 lions were under a tree not far from it. The youngster was still alive and the mom was pacing up and down, checking on it and keeping an eye on the lions.



After about an hour, the calf stopped moving and I realized it had succumbed to its injuries.



This however still didn't stop the mother from pacing up and down checking on it whilst still chasing the lions away when they tried to move in for the kill.

The sounds that the mother was making were fascinating, I have never heard a giraffe growl like that, and at first I thought it was the lions making the noise.




It was heartbreaking to see the determination and the stress that this mother was going through.
Once she had given up it was like the tables immediately turned. When she approached one last time, one of the young male lions managed to chase her away for good.








It is two days later and she is still hanging around the area where her little one had passed on”.




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