Latest Sightings Film & Earn October Update

Dec 9 2015

Frequently, we are also receiving outstanding video footage of sightings for our Film & Earn Partner Program. If you are not yet familiar with this program, it is a partnership where you can upload your wildlife videos, and should we select it, you can potentially earn cash. 

YouTube has reported that the number of hours people spend watching videos (aka watch time) on YouTube is up 60% year on year, the fastest growth they have seen in 2 years.
In November Latest Sightings paid out for October an estimated R45 000 to contributors. The top 3 videos for the month earned a passive income  as follows:
We are  also delighted that our Latest Sightings app (iOS App StoreAndroid App Store) continues to assist people in finding these unbelievable sightings. One of our top action packed videos received in November by Annette Naude titled, “Crocodile Tries to Steal Lion’s Kill. Hyenas and a Leopard Watch,” has been a community member for a long time and declares the app has assisted her in finding many of her exciting sightings. 

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