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Jul 13 2016
The Latest Sightings YouTube channel brings its audience one step closer to reality. With its gripping variety of wildlife footage the Film & Earn partnership program continues to draw viewers from across the globe with its education & entertainment value. The top 3 earning videos for the month of June are as follows:
  1. Lions Chase Buffaloes into Tourist’s Car earned an estimated R 3706 
The video clip “Lions Chase Buffaloes into Tourists Car was submitted to us shortly after being filmed and was published by us on May 14th. To date it has reached over 1 517 000 views and being earning a monthly income. This particular video shows us that when prey is chased by a predator/s their natural instinct kicks in, and they flight with no plan involved. The goal is to escape the predator. 


  1. Battle Between Leopard & Wildebeest Mother and Calf earned an estimated R 2629 - 4 245 000
This video was filmed by a 12 year old whilst on vacation with his parents in the Kruger. It is of the unfortunate timing of a wildebeest and her calf crossing the path of a leopard. Since
being published 5 months ago the video has received over 4 245 000 views and being earning a monthly income.
  1. Lion shows tourist earned an estimated R 2538 - 83 932 000
This video was filmed by a regular visitor to the Kruger National Park, who filmed the footage in order to educate people regarding the danger associated with wild animals and the hanging out of car windows. The video to date has received over 83 932 000 views and has earned a steadfast income for 2 years. The retiree says, I never imagined it would do this well and that I would be rewarded.'

'Whether it’s for entertainment, indulging a passion, or discovering something new, more people are turning to YouTube to watch videos. In fact, growth in watch time on YouTube is up at least 50 percent year-over-year. We want to continue empowering people to come to YouTube to tell stories and form connections that encourage empathy and understanding between diverse communities,” says YouTube
If you would like to submit a video  join the Partner Program by clicking here.  Also, if you submitted a video before the Partner Program began, please contact us at [email protected] to make arrangements to include any existing videos in the program.

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