Cape Buffalo Giving Birth!

Dec 20 2016

This special and heartwarming moment of a buffalo giving birth was captured in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (Visit lodge page) by 35 year old field guide, Morné Hamlyn







Other people on game drive called in a herd of buffalo in the area, we drove to the sighting and found this large herd of Cape Buffalo close to a thicket next to a dry riverbed.

When we approached the herd, we noticed one female standing to the side with her back legs slightly apart. We looked and realized that we could see feet of a calf sticking out, she was giving birth! We decided to wait it out and watch her give birth.



The sun was setting fast, night was coming. Night brings predators to life, so the thought of hyenas and lions passing by created a lot of tension and excitement as to what was going to happen next.



Finally mom gave the final push and the youngster arrived in the world.



After watching the birth, we waited until the calf stood up and drank for the first time, we then unfortunately had to leave as it was getting too dark.







It was fantastic to experience this out in the wild, but sharing it with guests made it even better.

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