Buffalo Tries To Protect Her Calf From Pride of Lions

May 5 2016

This moment truly captures the distances to which a mother buffalo will go to, to protect her baby from an attacking pride of lions.



Brad Marais and Benjamain OT, game rangers at Makanyi Private Game Lodge, witnessed this heart-wrenching sighting of a helpless mother buffalo was trying to chase away a pride of lions that were after her calf, while guiding a few guests at their lodge.




Makanyi Private Lodge is lucky enough to have the Avoca lion pride visit their property frequently which results in some amazing interaction between them and the big herds of buffalo that pass through from the Kruger National Park. 




“We were watching the pride of lion relaxing when sounds of buffalo moving in the distance could be herd. The lions immediately went into hunting mode and we followed them through the bush where they found a mother and her calf at the back of the herd. We watched as the pride split up which resulted in the mother buffalo chasing one of the lions as the other caught the calf.

Although the mother tried numerous times to defend the calf she gave up and joined the rest of the herd.”




“While viewing wildlife in the African bush one is filled with many different emotions.

Showing guests a pride of lions, brings great pleasure but when the lions go into hunt mode, one’s heart starts to pump a bit faster, as the possibility of a kill could be on the cards.

As the hunt played out one is filled with adrenaline and excitement as one cannot determine the outcome. It all happens so fast and when the outcome is successful for the lions one feels sad for the buffalo but excited for the lions at the same time.”


This video really highlights the tenacity of both the mother buffalo and the pride of lions.


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