Eagle & Cobra Locked in Dramatic Stand-Off

Apr 5 2016

Talk about spitting feathers!
This eagle and cobra got locked in an intense stand-off – after the hungry bird tried to bag himself a snack in the grass.




The incredible footage was taken by Matthew McCreesh and his girlfriend Catherine van Eyk, both 26 from South Africa, on a trip to Kruger National Park.



Catherine said: 'We were both absolutely ecstatic with excitement when we saw this.'
'We were actually on our way out of the park when it happened – I'm so glad we managed to see this before we left.'

As soon as Catherine spotted this unusual sighting, she tinged it on the Latest Sightings app. This then notiified other visitiors in the area to this sighting in real time!


'We both agreed it was the best sighting we've ever experienced – which is saying a lot, as we spend a lot of time in Kruger.

'We actually thought the snake was dead in the beginning as it wasn't moving, so we couldn't understand why the eagle hadn't started eating it.

'When the snake's tail started moving we were giddy with excitement – it took the sighting to a whole new level.


'The eagle was standing on the snouted cobra's head, and actually had its claws in the snake's mouth – once the snake's head was up we could see it was bleeding from its mouth.

'The eagle must have thought the snake was dead, or thought it was too weak to move off – as after about 45 minutes, the eagle got off the snake's head and started walking down its body to its tail.

'Once the snake had enough room and its head was free, it lifted up its head and opened its hood.


'The eagle got such a fright, and jumped backwards.

'From then on it was a stand-off.


'The eagle crabbed onto the snake's tail a few times and tried to pull it, but the snake was so big and heavy, and the eagle wasn't strong enough.

'The eagle was very brave, trying to get closer to the snake's head, but after much failure and many efforts to regain control the eagle decided this snake was just too big to take down, and flew away.

'The snake slowly lowered its head in relief, but did not slither away immediately as we expected – I suspect out of exhaustion. 


'People have been astonished that we were so lucky to see such a sighting – it's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.'

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