Bird vs Snake - Snake Uses Special Technique To Save Itself

Nov 24 2016

Watch how cleverly deceptive the snake becomes by playing dead to fool its captor…






Awesome moment captured on film by 53 year old Technician, Frank De Souza on 14 November 2016 in Marloth Park. As soon as he capture this video he submitted it to our Film and Earn partner program, because bird vs snake videos perform well in our partnership program. 


Frank told Latest Sightings: “I’ve seen many snakes over the years but never a southern vine snake. I know them to be very shy and highly venomous. There is no antidote if bitten by one of these snakes.



This was the first time I had ever seen a bird fighting a snake. There were 4 of us on a walk looking for birds to take pictures of when suddenly we saw a Grey Headed Bush-shrike on the dirt road jumping around and flying up and down.


As we slowly went closer we saw a snake not far off. The bush-shrike and snake began to fight each another until the snake pretended to be dead. The bird was not so easily fooled and the fighting then continued.

Suddenly the bird was now fighting with two snakes at the same time. We immediately started filming.


My wife Alida and I were both amazed to have captured this sighting, it was a fantastic experience.






The snake who originally acted dead woke up and shot off like a rocket into the bushes leaving the bird to attack the second snake until it also played dead. Finally he kept pulling the snake around and we left.”



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