Baby Impala Tries Hiding from Cheetahs Using a Car

Jan 16 2017

Watch how this baby impala’s heart just about beats out of its chest whilst trying to hide in front of a tourists car away from a hungry cheetah and her cub.






“We visit the Kruger only once a year and have had very few cheetah sightings in the past, especially ones including a hunt so this was an incredibly rare moment for us,” Albert Le Roux explains to


Albert continues: “we were driving on the S28, near Lower Sabie (You can book for Lower Sabie here), when we saw a couple of vehicles stationary along the roadside, and stopped to join them. By the time we arrived, the baby impala was already separated from its mom. The impala was hiding in a small bush close to the road whilst the mother cheetah was observing how her cub could hunt.

It was a training session, and she only helped when needed. She lured the impala away from the bush allowing the cub to then snare it.


The cub played with the impala for about 10min before we started recording. By this time the impala had tried to hide in front of one of the vehicles. We somehow knew what was about to happen next but were very excited to see it play out. The cheetahs began the game of hide and seek. On closer inspection you could see the impala’s eye was bleeding, probably from all the scratching and biting from the cub.


Unfortunately for the poor buck luck was not on its side and the cheetah upon noticing the hiding spot quickly ended its life.






It was truly extraordinary to have witnessed.


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