Baby Hippo Protects Mother From Hungry Lion

Jul 6 2016

While on Safari, this heart-clenching moment a baby hippo risks its life to save his mother’s was caught on camera.

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This footage reveals that in nature, not only would a mother do anything to protect her baby, but vice versa.




Private Kruger Safaris Director, Hennie Bekker, caught this stunning show of protection while driving to Lower Sabie while in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.




Hennie, 35, says: “I’ve been visiting the Kruger Park for 30 years and have seen lots of sightings, but this was the first ever sighting of this nature.”

During the first half of 2016, the Kruger National Park has not had much rain. The drought has had terrible affects on all the animals in the park and especially the water animals such as hippos. The lack of nutrients in the food has caused a lot of animals to grow weak and defenseless again predators.

This is perfect predator season.




Hennie explains: “I was on a safari with guests and was heading back to camp after seeing a lot of wildlife throughout the whole day. Just before camp, along the Sabie River, I spotted a hippo and her calf. At first I only saw the hippos. After a little while I spotted a male lion on the bank of the river.” Hennie was lucky to have many great sightings that day, but one can easily drive around the whole day in the park and not see many interesting sightings, that’s where our Latest Sightings app can come in handy when doing a drive. Hennie, however, didn’t expect just how incredible this sighting would end up being!




The video starts off when one can see the male lion and the baby hippo already engaged in an intense stand off. Hennie expressed that: “At first I didn’t think that something amazing was going to play out when capturing the scene on my camera. It felt unreal and exciting to witness the male lion trying to catch the baby hippo when it jumped on its back, but at the same time you feel sorry for the mother and the baby hippopotamus.
You can see the baby really trying everything to protect the mother since the mother is to weak to defend herself.”




At the end of the video, you can see how the male lion gives up trying to hunt the hippos and walks off. Hennie says: “It was already late afternoon and we needed to head back to camp, before the gates closed, so we had to leave the sighting.”



Hennie later went back to the same location and watched how the two hippos slowly died due to a lack of food and water. Going back now, they are only a pile of bones.


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