An Epic Battle Hippo vs Hippo

Jun 29 2016
South Luangwa National Park is known to have one of the highest densities of hippos and crocodiles of any other game reserve in the world.  Gareth Roberts, conservationist and nature photographer can confirm this, and says, “While on safari in the Park he was hoping for a little action, which is exactly what he got between 2 male hippos”. To experience similar wildlife sightings in Southern African game reserves visit Latest Sightings Vacations
Gareth had been watching the water level drop day by day, and slowly the hippo clans were being forced closer to each other. He says, “It was such a peaceful evening enjoying sundowners as the sun was setting,  on the banks of the Luangwa River. But just as the giant red disc slowly slipped behind the distant mountains, the tranquil waters erupted as the two foaming beasts launched their attack on one another.”
'The fight was sporadic and each round lasted a few seconds like two heavy weight boxes in the boxing rink fighting for the world title. Between each round the waters returned to calm as the hippos lay in wait under the water. Then to begin the next round with their own silent bell!  The larger hippo (generally on the right of the images) seemed to be the younger one, but it wasn’t until the last round that there was any way of telling who would win the battle for this section of beach and the right to protect the pod of female hippos.
The bigger hippo managed to somehow and seemingly miraculously flip the other hippo on its back, and that was the knock out blow. The looser hightailing it, with the victor in close pursuit. The intensity of the battle was mesmerizing and even though largely silent, except for the splashes of water; it was the end when the victorious hippo sounded his victory through the valley.
There are many reasons why people visit South Luangwa National Park other than having the highest density of hippos and crocs in the world. Its also famous for its prides of lions, its elephants (even though many of the big tuskers were poached out years ago) and the leopards. And that’s just some of the wildlife features. The birding is phenomenal and the scenic beauty does take your breath away.  

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