A Direct Translation of Mpumalanga in Ndebele

Mar 18 2015

Sho’tleft Mpumalanga trips to add to your Kruger National Park Experience...

The sun rises (a direct Ndebele translation of Mpumalanga) in this picturesque province between bush and berg. We chat to Ezrom Sekgobela, Mpumalanga Tourism Destinations Specialist and he says ‘We encourage everyone to visit Mpumalanga with Sho’tleft!

The term ‘Sho’tleft’ is derived from South African taxi lingo which allows you to see your world differently. And to experience Mpumalanga as a value for money, affordable and accessible holiday destination.

Mpumalanga is not only home to the Kruger National Park but also embraces an enthralling world of high rise cliffs and cascading crystal clear waters. Latest Sightings has compiled a series of suggested Sho’tleft visits through the province to enhance your Kruger Park experience, in a hope to keep local travel lekker.

Sho’tleft Mpumalanga Trips:

Sudwala Caves

The Sudwala caves evoke a sense of wonder by exploring an unmeasured expanse of tunnels and caverns. They are named after a Swazi officer who took refuge after a bloody battle in the valley. This resulted in many tales of lost treasure, including the legend of the “Kruger millions’. Formations within various chambers have highly descriptive names such as ‘The Screaming Monster’ and popular attractions for visitors include the ‘Devil’s Workshop’, the ‘Map of Africa’ on the Cave’s ceiling and the enchanted alcove christened ‘Fairyland’. Most noteworthy of the chambers is the PR Owen Hall, a natural theatre which makes for a suitable performing arts venue (It is named after Mr Owen who bought Sudwala Caves and developed them as an attraction which could be appreciated by the public).


For further information visit http://www.sudwalacaves.com 

Lowveld Botanical Gardens

Situated in Nelspruit, a citrus-growing district the Lowveld Botanical Gardens preserves more than 500 indigenous species. A couple of highlights include a deep gorge carved by the Crocodile River, and the Nels River that unites with the Crocodile to create a tumbling waterfall. And for walking enthusiasts there is the Riverside Trail a 1 km long walk along the meandering Crocodile River. The gardens are a delight to tree and flower lovers, and of special interest is the cycad and tropical rainforest collection which represents the magnificent tropical rainforests of Central and West Africa. Lastly look out for the African green pigeon in the fig trees along the Crocodile River. Therefore if you love trees, birds and being close to water it is a requisite picnic-point to break a journey.



Chimp Eden

The Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden, commonly referenced as Chimp Eden is an essential sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees, in the Umhloti Nature Reserve. This sanctuary brings the world of chimpanzees closer to humanity through education end eco-tourism. Here, chimps are given a second chance and rehabilitated with the help of their care-takers. Social skills are re-introduced such as learning how to climb trees and how to live in a social group with their own kind. One hour guided tours take place three times per day, every day of the year (weather permitting)


Induna Adventures

An ideal one-stop Adventure Centre for the thrill seeker near Hazeyview:

  •  Zip-line: Admire views through an exhilarating zip-slide experience which takes you up to speeds of 100km’s per hour.
  •  Abseiling: The abseil rock provides remarkable sights of the Kruger National Park and Sabie River Valley towards God’s Window. It is approximately a 40 minute drive from the Adventure Centre.
  • Quad biking: Located along the Panorama route, trails are guided by professional guides and trails follow tracks through indigenous forests and blue gum plantations to spectacular waterfall view-points.
  • Water-tubing: Descend the Sabie River Gorge with a ‘gecko’ (white water tube that is oval shaped), through class 2 rapids. Half way down the river relish in leaping from an 8m waterfall.




Wild Horses of Kaapschehoop

With its lingering atmosphere of gold-rush days gone, the drive to Kaapschehoop is indisputably unforgettable. It is home to the only wild herds of horses in South Africa. These herds vary between 8-12 horses and are remnants of the British troops that were stationed at Kaapschehoop during the South African War. There are various trails available through teeming woods of eucalyptus and pine trees starting from 1 hour to 3 day wilderness trails, and experience is not a pre-requisite.


Adam’s Calendar

Adam’s Calendar, was discovered in 2003 by fire-fighting pilot, Johan Heine. Studies have placed this man-made structure as being at least 75 000 years old, which predates all other similar structures. The tours through Adam’s Calendar in Kaapsehoop masterfully illustrate the lives of its ancient inhabitants to the visitor. It yields many interesting facts and observations, and the opportunity to view one of the fallen monoliths shaped like the Egyptian Horus hawk head.


Labelled “The lake district of South Africa”, it spans 270 lakes in a 20km radius of the quaint village. Chrissiesmere has a knowledgeable water bird guide who conducts water bird tours during the birding season. A haven for bird-lovers it is rare that all three of South Africa’s crane species birds are found here: Blue Crane; Wattled Crane; and Grey Crowned Crane.





Footnote: lekker = cool / great

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