A Puku Killed by Leopard in a Renowned Hotspot

Jul 21 2016
South Luangwa National Park, a game reserve of Southern Africa is notable as a leopard hotspot! It is interesting that many of the leopard in the area use the numerous drainage lines in the reserve as their hunting zones. This is because they are able to easily walk along these lines without being seen by their potential prey. This also makes it common to see a leopard kill during daylight hours. And this is exactly what  Gareth Roberts, conservationist and wildlife photographer observed first hand. To experience similar wildlife sightings download the latest version of the Latest Sightings app ( iPhone/iPad or android).    
'This specific leopard is marked as a commonly sighted leopard in the reserve, and is well adapted to tourist traffic. After killing the puku in the drainage line she dragged the dead weight animal about 120m across the expansive grassed area to the undergrowth, where she could feed in peace. Dragging an animal pretty much her own weight across the plain can be no easy task, especially after a hunt,” says Gareth.
'With a number of vehicles on the sighting it was easy to see why people from across the globe visit South Luangwa; to be able to witness incredible sitings such as this. Eventually, reaching the shade of a large sweet thorn, she rested for a while by promptly using the puku as her own personal throne as any queen would be entitled to. With the puku’s family watching from a distance and sounding their alarms calls, it was a little to late for this young male.' 
And as soon as she disappeared into the bush to enjoy her meal it was back to scattering in all directions to hunt for the next great sighting. Whether it be a bird or beast, or simply a flower or even morning coffee while enjoying the unique landscape of South Luangwa. Due to its leopard hotspot status quo it is safe to say majority of visitors to the Park are privelaged to see at least one leopard sighting during their stay.
Commentary and photography by Gareth Roberts  

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