Why you Should Submit to the Latest Sightings Film & Earn Partnership

Feb 5 2016
It’s the new year, and already through our Latest Sightings app we have received remarkable sightings from holiday makers in game reserves. You can enhance your own upcoming wildlife experience by downloading the world’s largest wildlife crowdsourcing site app iPhone & iPad app / Android app. This will hopefully aid you in capturing a wildlife video sighting to submit into our Film & Partnership Program. 
YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. Of this the Latest Sightings YouTube channel has reached over 242 000 subscribers, and 12 377 790 monthly views.  
We hope that you too have been enjoying the wildlife footage as much as we have! In January our Film & Earn Partnership paid out for December an estimated R68 800 to contributors. Remember to stand a chance to having your video featured, and earning money, please submit it into our partnership program. 
Congratulations to the top 3 earning videos for the month are as follows:
Latest Sightings spoke to a member who in January submitted a video titled, Battle Between Leopard & Wildebeest Mother over Calf”into our partnership program, which in just a few weeks was the highest video submitted for the month.   With over 900 000 views, it was by 12 year old Muhammed, and he says, I knew that I had been privileged to see something special, but never in my wildest dreams expected the video to do so well! The video was taken on my mums phone and was my first attempt at wildlife videography”. He is not only surprised, but ecstatic and overwhelmed. 
He exclaims, 'It's a fantastic platform to share great moments in nature. It encourages us to keep going back to recognise the wonder of nature. Seeing footage of what other people have seen always inspires and excites me and gets me nagging my parents to head back into the wild. Therefore I felt it was only natural to share an amazing sighting I had seen with fellow nature enthusiasts. Many family members and friends encouraged me to do so and Nadav contacted me personally.”
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