Latest Sightings Film & Earn July Update

Aug 31 2015

Nadav Ossendryver, founder of Latest Sightings says, 'The Latest Sightings YouTube channel has grown dramatically since we implemented our Film & Earn partnership, with more and more views coming in, but in addition to this we are also receiving more great content.” Latest Sightings is currently the world's largest wildlife crowd-sourcing site, and YouTube's highest viewed South African channel. To date the Latest Sightings YouTube channel subscribers are sitting at over 191 000 people, and that is with approximately 660 000 views a day!

Through our wildlife Film & Earn program, last month alone, Latest Sightings paid filmmakers over R46,000.

Below are our top 3 earning videos for the month:

Elephant Calf Collapsing in Road:
July estimated earnings = R14,229
Total estimated earnings since submission = R41, 000

Lion Shows Tourist Why Not To Hang Out of Car:
July estimated earnings = R5,900
Total earnings since submission = R300,000

Hippo Explodes on Lion:
July estimated earnings = R3,100
Total estimated earnings = R40,000

Each month we also feature a new video of the month, and towards the end of July Latest Sightings published a video titled, 'Elephant Calf vs Birds', by Dr Susan J. Webb, and it quickly became video of the month. It stole the hearts of many from around the globe after going viral on our channel.

Dr Susan Webb, staff at the Geophysics department at Wits University says, 'I had heard about Latest Sightings a while back, and had enjoyed watching many of their videos. They have a substantially strong subscriber base, so the likelihood of a video doing well with them, was much better than if we had tried to launch it ourselves. I therefore submitted it to their Film and Earn partnership program' The video received over 6.4 million views in less than one week, and the clip is still doing well! Dr Webb continues, 'I feel like I won the lottery, and as a result I decided to share my good fortune!'

She decided to contribute her earnings to date to the Geoscience Alumni Scholarship Fund at Wits University and says, 'Many of our students struggle to find funding to attend university, and this year many were unfortunately unable to register. I wanted to directly impact the students I lecture in order to complete their degrees, that otherwise may have been excluded. In the end it makes a difference between someone graduating, or dropping out'. A portion of the earnings will also be used for elephant research with the goal of helping to reduce the amount of conflict between elephants and people.

Nadav Ossendryver concludes, 'I am extremely pleased for all our contributors. Nowadays, the world is extremely competitive and jobs are hard to find, therefore to be able to help people out with a payment every month, is a great feeling! I hope that we can assist many more in making their wildlife footage go viral.'  You can easily sign up as a contributor on our Film & Earn partnership page by following the sign-up steps.

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